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Some helpful hints for a better portrait


For all sessions, please do not get a new hair cut right before the session. If a new cut is needed, try to get that done at least 2 weeks before so it has time to "settle" in. Watch the footwear- it doesn't always show in a portrait but it should always match what you are wearing.



Do not buy new white sneakers the day before and stay away from white socks, nothing is worse than white socks peaking out on top of dark shoes. Bring at least 1 long sleeve shirt for a timeless look. Stay away from lots of wording/advertising on your shirts. Please bring all the props you want and we will do our best to incorporate them into your sessions. Ladies please wear a cami under your shirt that way changing during an outside session is easier and more discreet. Feel free to bring a friend, they will help you relax and we can use them to haul all your stuff.



The white sock and new sneaker rule also applies here also. Try to coordinate your clothing color pallete- you do not have to be all "matchy matchy" but you should try to all blend.  Do you want the family pets included? bring them along- just let me know ahead of time.



Try to keep the baby awake before arriving and if need be you can feed or nurse upon arrival if you live far away. ( We can plan this together to allow extra time if needed). Other wise I just need a fed and sleepy baby WITH a pacifier. The reason for the pacifier is to comfort them when we are changing wraps or setups. Trust me when I say that most babies will take the pacifier at least for the photo session. Of course if you are totally against the use of the pacifier then we will not force this issue. I have all the backdrops and wraps needed to make your newborn portraits breathtaking and special.


As always if you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me 812-350-1601 or